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H  E  A  L  T  H

What is health?

Health is about preserving and enhancing one's physical, spiritual and mental state. The section is of special importance as many ethnic minority women and girls may have trouble getting used to the different food in Hong Kong, the climate and other environments such as the workscapes and landscape in Hong Kong.


What are the health resources available on

Advice on treating different types of addiction; videos on finding help for mental and physical problems.


Family Planning Association Wan Chai, HK

  • Provides service for patients

Mental Health

  • Stress treatments, when girls may experience cyber-bullying or social media addiction:

    • Speaking with a trained professional like a psychologist or psychiatrist, eventually, if necessary, take medication, practice ecotherapy by spending time in nature, practice aromatherapy which helps to relax the senses.

Drug Addiction

  • Compulsory placement scheme

  • Voluntary out-patient or drug treatments

  • Substance abuse clinics operated by the Hospital Authority

Alcohol Addiction  

  • Do not conform to peer pressure; when religion, culture or ethnicity sets you apart from the alcohol limit/intake of your peers

  • If you drink, remember to:

More Information

Promoting Mental Health

Treating Subfertility

A number of mindful meditation phone apps are available:

The Mindfulness App

- Headspace, Calm

- Mindbody


Locations in Hong Kong that offer guided meditation sessions or yoga that are either free or function on a donations basis: 

- Kadampa Meditation Center                          CWB, HK

- AIA Vitality Park                                                Check Eventbrite!

- HK Outdoor Yoga                                            Check their FB page!

 An excellent way to check which hospitals are more suitable for us is to use HospitalAdvisor, another initiative by The Zubin Foundation's founder Shalini Mahtani.

Check out this study about the challenges that South Asians face when trying to receive the appropriate health care.

- Many ethnic minority people, especially women, lack sufficient health literacy and Chinese and English language ability

- Many healthcare providers are not well trained to treat/interact with ethnic minority groups in that they are not socially aware.

Great sites/groups to check out and join:

- MeetUp Hong Kong

This is one of many ways to learn Cantonese and/or English or to jog around the city with other Hong Kongers or do yoga in an outdoor venue for free.

- Eventbrite

There are many types of events posted on Eventbrite. Many, if searched effectively, are free.

- Facebook events

It is great to check out any FB events as this gives you the opportunity to interact with others and make friends.


The Samaritans

2896 0000

Caritas HK

2523 0438