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About Us

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Who We Are

Call Mira is a first of its kind support help line for ethnic minority women in Hong Kong providing them with services in English, Urdu, and Hindi.  The help line will be supported by an online resource portal with information on relevant topics. Funding for Call Mira has been kindly provided by Dr. Ip Yee Charitable Trust and on other charitable giving.


Our Purpose

Ethnic minority women face many challenges to education and employment in comparison with their male counterparts and Chinese counterparts. Pakistanis, in particular, are 3 times more likely to be victims of poverty than their Chinese counterparts. Many ethnic minority women, governed by traditional familial values and culture, are more likely to be homemakers with limited access and time to learn Cantonese. Some even have trouble understanding and speaking English, preferring to speak only in their native tongue. This creates a situation in which ethnic minority women when they want to make a decision for themselves or for their families have great difficulty making those decisions. Especially in Hong Kong where they are the minority, ethnic minority women, while some, after having spent years and even decades in Hong Kong, view Hong Kong as their home while feeling as if Hong Kong itself does not want to be their home.

What We Believe

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Women should have a channel to get access to information easily.


Ethnic minorities have the right to receive the appropriate help in times of need.


Women can be strong supporters of other women.

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