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E M P L O Y M E N T 

What is employment?

Employment is defined as having paid work. While having stable well-paying employment is a problem for ethnic minority people of all genders, this is especially a challenge for many ethnic minority women and girls. Women and girls are often limited by their familial and cultural values whereby they are expected to become home-makers or dependent on their husbands, fathers, or even brothers. 


What sort of challenges do ethnic minorities face in Hong Kong?

Most of the challenges stem from the language barrier that ethnic minorities face as well as the stigma around them. Hong Kong has, over many years, has developed institutionalized discrimination against its ethnic minority population. While many Chinese-Hong Kongers state that they do not feel as if discrimination is a big issue in Hong Kong and that it is not especially present, the ethnic minority population, being the victim, feels the full brunt of discrimination in a number of ways, employment being but one.


A couple information news links are located below:

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An important ethnic minority job-seekers information is found here.


The reason why there are not as many employment-related resources on Call Mira is that finding stable employment is related to a number of other issues that a certain person of ethnic minority origin might face or that there are necessary skills that a person of ethnic minority origin might lack. In this case, it would be best to address that void. There are traditional ways of finding employment such as references, Indeed job search, jobsDB, and LinkedIn. In order for Call Mira to help with the job seeking process,  the staff at Call Mira must be given more information. 

Visit the Interactive Employment Service Labour Department for more information.

On this site, you can find a number of vacancies as well as companies looking to hire ethnic minority people.


Visit the HKCS CHEER page  for more information on vacancies.