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What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is the abuse of power within the family which causes grievous harm. Ethnic minority women and girls can often be victims due to the fact that men may abuse their physical strength in the home.

What are the resources related to domestic violence available on Call Mira?

Legal information and information on shelters in Hong Kong as well as videos on the importance of calming down disputes.


Domestic abuse can be physical abuse, psychological abuse or verbal abuse.

Hong Kong Law

  • According to HK law, anyone who causes or threatens to cause grievous bodily harm shall be guilty and may go to prison

  • A legal injunction will either restrain the offender from using violence against the applicant or a child living with the applicant, or exclude the offender from the home or an area, regardless of ownership of the property

  • The maximum injunction order is 24 months; the order can be renewed once

Emergency Shelter

CEASE Crisis Centre: 18281

  • 24-hour crisis intervention service offering short-term accommodation, not exceeding 2 weeks, provided to women or families who need a place for timeout or refuge

  • During the stay, services are  provided to recover from trauma and enhance their problem-coping skills

Harmony House: 3153 5712

Po Leung Kuk: 2277 8888

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The most important thing when it comes to domestic violence is to recognize that one is being abused. When one does not recognize this, one is unable to stand up to it. This can be an issue for many ethnic minority women who, having grown up in a male-dominated environment, if they protest against domestic violence, do not know the consequences (whether or not their children will be placed under social care, whether or not the Hong Kong government/organizations will not just send them home back to their abuser.


Videos on Domestic Violence